Hi everyone,

my name is vanity fay!

The Trucking Coach

Im here to teach you how to pass your CDL test and get into the trucking industry. I teach the fundamentals of trucking and which niche best fit your lifestyle

A bit about myself

My experience

a class a holder and an authorized freight broker.

My goal

Is To see you win!!! By ProvIde you valuable resources.

My role

To assist you with all information to pass you CDL TEST.

The trucking industry is a 791.7 billion dollar industry.

Why get your cdl?

never be without employment again

The average age of a truck driver is 55 years old. Most of them will be retiring over the next few years which leaves younger drivers a massive opportunity to enter the industry and establish their own generational wealth.

financial security

Your opportunities are endless! The average truck driver makes 62k per year starting out without any endorsements. With endorsements you can easily secure 150k per year or more as a company driver.

have fun making money

If you're looking for freedom and the ability to travel and make money then this is the course for you. Trucking is the doorway to gaining financial security that will provide you the resources to establish a comfortable life


In this course we will walk you step-by-step on how to get your CDL. We’re going to simplify the process into 5 easy steps. You will learn the fundamentals of trucker before you become a driver. The trucking industry has changed millions of lives and I want to let you in on how it can change yours too.

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On this call we are going to talk about what inspires you to be a truck driver. We’ll talk about your 5 year plans and map out how this course will best benefit you.

In this course we will walk you step-by-step on how to get your CDL. We’ll provide resources, location and phone numbers. This course provides the questions and answers to the CDL Permit Test and so much more

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Once you pass your test you are on your way to starting your new career in the trucking industry. You will already be a part of a community of truckers with years of experience ready to help you along the way.

You will receive a PDF list of companies that will hire you directly out of trucking school. These companies pay the highest and are in every trucking niche so your options are available. You're already ahead of the game.

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Semi Trucks Parked at Truck Stop, Missouri

I love what i do, lemme show you!

Vanity Fay..

"What industry let's you wear what you want, travel when you want, do what you want and make money while doing it!!"...

These are just some of the freedoms in trucking that make me feel alive!

This Course comes with

Welcome package

download Study guide

Funding Assistance

Class A Permit test. Questions and answers

Videos of how to pass the air break test in 3 simple steps

Trucking companies that hire right out of trucking school

Im Looking forward

to working with everyone of you!

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Semi Trucks Parked at Truck Stop, Missouri

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